School development

TÄNK OM focuses on leadership, pedagogy and systematics in preschool and school. We have many years of experience working with education and learning. By being involved in improving the teaching-related work in everyday life, we want to contribute to a positive development for schools and society in both the short and long term.
We want to contribute to the success and development of others - both employees, children and students!

Our efforts in early childhood education and training


Our leadership efforts aim to, among other things

  • increased self-awareness and courage to develop their leadership skills in line with ongoing societal developments.
  • new perspectives on how strategy, structure and culture interact towards common goals.
  • concrete tools for managing and organizing a business where employees are happy and want to develop.


Our training courses and activities in the field of pedagogy aim, among other things, to

  • increased repertoire of didactic approaches, methods and tools to support and stimulate the different needs of learners.
  • scientific perspectives on the characteristics of successful teaching.
  • understanding how teaching can be varied and organized to enhance student participation, engagement and motivation.


Our training and interventions in systematics aim, among other things, to

  • a well-functioning and trustworthy governance chain to improve the quality of education.
  • new working methods to meet the requirements of monitoring, systematics and quality assurance.
  • strategies to enhance the skills of staff to work together to drive systematic, effective and timely improvement.

Our offers in school development are adapted to different target groups in preschool, school and education - such as preschool teachers and preschool managers, teachers and principals, ICT educators, staff in student health and representatives of principals.

All our offers can be booked in different implementations - e.g. longer consultancy assignments, inspirational lectures, workshops, coaching or training series.